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Olea Insight

Get results today while we build your brand for tomorrow


We meet the traveler where they are in their journey using smart marketing tactics and relevant messages

Paid Search

As certified Google Ad Partners, we develop ROI-driven digital campaigns by meeting demand for your target markets. We track every action along the consumer journey. From impression to point of sale, we use user data to paint a clearer picture of your audiences.


Capture demand and establish your hotel as the official site with the best rates

Direct Booking

If you utilize OTA, you will already be on metasearch. This means that at the moment the hotel is paying high commissions on every booking originating from metasearch. By going direct, the hotel has the chance to drive bookings at costs way below that percentage.


Creative space to further establish brand identity using diverse and compelling content



Programmatic platform to only place ads in front of qualified audiences on selected sites with premium inventory. Clearly defined demographic & behavioral is used to to target highly qualified potential new costumer.



We utilize first-party data to retarget current and past costumer as well as cart abandoners, and create lookalike audiences to prospect new costumers.

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